A teacher of mine once said that one of the ‘attraction coming soon’ that magnetically draws us back to this planet are emotions and feelings.

I experience them as a gift and this comes from one that feels a lot and deeply. Is it convenient at times? No, absolutely not. Can it be uncomfortable? Very much so. Can they be uplifting? You bet!!!!!

The interesting part is nobody really taught us how to be with them. How to integrate them into our lives as wise campagnions showing us what is ‘really’ going on.

I call them a super power and encourage everybody, and especially women to feel fully. And deeply.

One of my Coaching Methods is called FEEL TO HEAL and it has offered tremendous shifts and release in my clients.

I offer different tools to meet them. Today I am going to share one that I love very much. 

I’d like to use the example of a negative emotion, because it’s more difficult or challenging for many to be with it, and also to be responsible for it. It happens to the best of us including myself, when we ‘go’ unconscious we easily start to project what is going on toward somebody else. We push it away, and blame somebody or something else for it.

Because of…the situation, the noise, the way he spoke with me, the mobbing, the this or that, we feel this a certain way – angry, upset, sad, enraged, frustrated…

Are you ready to play? For this session I will choose ‘anger.’

All of them begin with the same starting point.

~ Stop everything for a moment and find a place where you can be for 15-30 minutes with your eyes closed.

~ Then connect with your breath and feel. Simply meet the feeling. Allow yourself to breathe into the anger and breathe out the anger. Do that for a few deep breaths and notice if anything changes. Sometimes the feeling gets even stronger, sometimes you suddenly feel numb, sometimes sadness surfaces (which is often the case with anger). Be gentle with yourself and continue breathing

~ Bring your awareness now to your body. Witness. How does your body feel? Where in the body do you feel the anger most. Gently place your hand or both hands there.

~ Here comes my favorite part. Bring in your imagination. Imagine your feeling is a child and you get to pick it up and hold it. Witness what happens now as you continue to breathe deeply in and out.

~ Eventually you get to ask the child if he/she has a message for you. Simply listen. Often it does. Don’t get stressed out if it does not. The message can show up in the form of a word, a sentence, a color, or a symbol.

~ Often a negative feeling expresses what you don’t want in your life. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about it. It’s a blessing. Why? First you need to find out what you don’t want in order to get clear what you really want.

~ It also helps tremendously to understand if you identify with the anger or dwell in it. Make a simple adjustment. Feel it, don’t identify. Let the 15-30 minutes be your time limit. If you hang on it keeps creating more of what you don’t want.

~ Your anger is energy that wants to be acknowledged. It’s right here. When you start treating it like a friend, rather than an unwanted guest, it will become your guide. I promise.

I invite you to celebrate each and every feeling.

Feel it in of each and every cell of your being and unite with it.

Use your body and shake for 5 or 10 minutes.

Apply your voice and sigh or even scream.

Do not hurt yourself or anybody else in the process.

It might feel like an inner thunderstorm for a while. Then notice, suddenly the sun is back and you can continue with life, and even choose a higher vibration now naturally.

Let me know if this was helpful. Shoot me an email. info@joyapgallasch.com






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