"This is a time to free yourself of any wrong identities and share all of who you are with the world. Embrace it!"

Joya works as an expert Transformational Teacher, Business Coach, Mentor, Author, and Self-Love Activist. She has created and produced international events, workshops and retreats for more than 25 years. As a Healing Facilitator and an Intuitive Guide she helps women connect to their heart, true power and wisdom.

Joya supports women who have created external success to transform a health issue, trauma, frustration, burn out, lack of fulfillment and sadness keeping them from experiencing holistic success and living fulfilled, joyful, peaceful lives.

Her campaign ‘Stand up, Step up and Speak Up’ empowers clients to discover their unique talents, voice their visions and to express their purpose. She gently guides women to feel to heal. She helps them to blossom by integrating self-love and softness practices into their lives.

Her story of facing 17 years of Dark Night of the Soul which also included sexual abuse, miscarriages, a wildfire and near-death experience, is touching. Her own inner healing journey to find her self-worth, true power and her voice has inspired her to share it with others. She has a unique ability to blend courage with vulnerability.

As a long-time entrepreneur, actress, producer, and radio host she became a bridge between worlds and initiated many cooperations and collaborations with German Filmfunds (NRW, FFF, FFA), IFS (Intl Film School Cologne) und German Networks (SAT1). She loves to bring magic, lightness, and playfulness to her experiential LIVE events. 

As a writer, she published the book: “Close-up: Filmschauspiel” and “Lueza” in Querschnitt. In 2006 she walked the 777 km long “Camino de Santiago de Compostela” in 34 days in Spain. More books are in the making.

Joya has been a meditation practitioner for 30 years and involved in the ‘Healing Arts’ for more than 25 years. In 1989 she experienced her first spiritual awakening in the ‘City of Angels’, Los Angeles and India and has been on numerous pilgrimages around the world.

She is deeply inspired by the ways of the Great Goddess energy, which she calls the ‘Feminine Principle’ which nurtures and nourishes all of us. Thus, she invites women to embrace their sacred and divine feminine essence and men to connect with their vulnerability and compassion.

Women Uplift - Shine your Light - Feel your Darkness

I love women!” I adore their beauty and grace. I honor their ability to nurture, nourish, be receptive and see the big picture. I admire the gift of intuition and heart-centered knowing. I love sisterhood, especially when women see, hear and encourage each other. I bless their gift to feel deeply and so much. I love women’s openness for growth, family and community. 

“I love being a woman!” I have run my first chapter of my life with so much male energy. It made me unhappy and eventually sick. 17 years of a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ continuously taught me how to live with change and letting go. It included sexual abuse; the loss of my company, tribe and best friend; a tumor; 2 miscarriages and a divorce; surrender to a wildfire burning my home, workshop space, office and all I owned and an operation I never ever wanted to have. I guess I chose to learn the hard way to find the GIFTS in loss and transition. You don’t have to do the same! Allow me to be your gentle guide and together we create your purpose, voice your vision and a heart-centered plan for your business.


Joya is an amazing facilitator. I experienced a re-emergence of myself. For the first time after leaving a workshop I feel that I have tools to take with me. I leave behind so many old destructive patterns, old energies, and are filled with a lightness and eagerness for life. I am so grateful to Joya for her exuberance and persistance that is not at all invasive, but welcoming!! (Patrice C., Electrician/Mother)


Education and Trainings

  • Business Coach (VBS and VBM with Ryan Eliason)
  • Life & Transformation Coach
  • Screen-Writing, UCLA and AFI
  • Writing & Journalism, UCLA
  • Acting (Munich; Shakespeare Theatre – Washington D.C.; Lee Strasberg Theater Institute N.Y.; UCLA Los Angeles)
  • LMU Munich


Metaphysical Studies and Healing Arts Trainings

  • Reiki Master
  • Council I/II/III Trainings
  • Shamanic Training and Journeys
  • Meditation Studies (Raja and Kriya Yoga)
  • Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga
  • (wt Baron Baptiste, Saul David-Raye, Max Strom, Shiva Rea ++)
  • Family Constellation Work by Bert Hellinger
  • Bio-Decoding ~ New German Medicine by Gerd R. Hamer
  • InterDimensional Healing by Nell Arnaud
  • Healing the Father/MotherWound, CTA by Gordon Clay and Shauna Wilson
  • Tantra Trainings (LET 1/2/3), SkyDancing Tantra by Margot Anand
  • Wise Woman Training
  • Sacred Feminine Studies
  • Writing Workshops (Tom Schlesinger, Bruce Gelford, Anne Randolph, Clive Watson)