Welcome to your Healing Sanctuary 


We live in a special time. A time to be bluntly honest with yourself and bring to light all these parts that lay dormant in the dark. So you can show up in the world in your power, beauty, fierceness, soft gentleness, wild sensuality and embodied mission and purpose.

What areas do you feel stuck, confused, overwhelmed or too much negative emotion? Do you only function and constantly over-give? Are you going through a crisis or loss and you lack the proper tools? Are you often too hard and critical with yourself? Did you delete self-love, self-care and confidence from your life and profession?

You are called, dear One, to heal, to dive deep into yourself and clear, release and transform the issues that are disconnecting you from your true essence and potential. There is no time to waste because we need you embodied in your authentic Self.

Allow me to be a gentle and experienced guide on your side.

What is Mermaid Healing Wisdom: Feel to Heal | Shift to Uplift?

Mermaid Healing Wisdom

is a Coaching Method full of potent transformation tools that helps you remember who you truly are, especially when you have lost your inner compass and your own unique path. The Coaching Method helps you…

  • with precise, guided steps to feel everything
  • connect with your divine team for support
  • activate your own wisdom and intuition
  • receive crystal-clear messages
  • heal the wound | trauma | pain
  • shift from being stuck to being free
  • uplift from heaviness to lightness
  • discover your role and speak your voice


Crisis and change are never easy and usually invoke the fear of the unknown. It takes a lot of courage and trust to feel and deal with your stuff. I’d like to reassure you that ‘uncertainty’ is a rich place filled with new opportunities and possibilities.

Every Breakdown is followed by a Breakthrough!

Feel to Heal

Feeling is your super power! Part of your feeling journey is to surrender. To accept that where you are now, is exactly right. You have the strength and courage to dive deep into the issue and feel everything, Relentless. You start to receive insights and messages. Your willingness to heal facilitates the shift. Magically you float back up towards the light like a mermaid. You remember your true essence and return to love.

Shift to Uplift

It is my mission to remind women that it is an honor and our task to make peace with our shadow by opening up to the painful places. Feel that trauma, core wound or emotional baggage and it shall set you free. We are in this together! If there is no enemy inside, there can’t be an enemy outside. When you say “Yes, I am responsible for my own life” – miracles happen. You become a Wisdom Holder, natural Healer, and powerful Feminine Leader.

It is no coincidence that the archetype of the Mermaid and her color have become so popular. She is a powerful Teacher and has important messages for the Feminine at this time:


~she connects you with the element of the feminine: water

~she allows you to feel deeply and feel it all

~she takes you deep down into yourself

~she helps you hit rock bottom to find the pearl (solution to a problem)

~she shows you that you can’t drown in your emotional pain

~she brings the qualities of flexibility and fluidity to you

~she reminds you of playfulness and magic

~she connects you to your ancient wisdom

~she activates the power and trust in your intuition


What would you like to work on?

  • Identify and integrate specific Fears
  • Activate Rituals of Self-Love and Self-Esteem 
  • Practice Grounding and Protection Tools
  • Discover and Strengthen your Gifts
  • Recognize false Beliefs, Limitations and inner Blocks
  • Become aware of parental & societal Conditioning
  • Clear Karma and Karmic Contracts by severing all ties
  • Heal miscarriage | Prepare for your Birth
  • Connect with a deceased Friend or Family Member
  • Return Ancestral Burdens to where they belong
  • End your “I am not enough” stories
  • Set your victim energy free to return to power
  • Bring love to self-loathing and the critical Mini Me
  • Reduce Overwhelm, Stress and Anxiety

Some of my Tools are…

  • Shadow Integration Technique
  • Visualisation | Meditation
  • Emotional Trauma Release
  • Body Talk | Embodiment Tools
  • Goddess Archetype Support
  • Council
  • Entity Clearing
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Past-Life and Ancestral Clearing
  • Inter-Dimensional Healing Techniques
  • Quantum Light Breathwork
  • Grounding & Protection Tools
  • Rituals & Ceremony
  • Reiki & Matrix 


My approach is ‘holistic’ – which includes body, mind, heart and soul.

My gift is to “see or feel” the underlying issue, restriction or self-imposed limitation. And I help each person to connect with her own deep wisdom. I believe the answers are all within you. With great love, I hold space for powerful, practical healing processes to allow flow to happen again. Clients are gaining a deep understanding quickly and experience positive shifts on many levels.

“To work with Joya means to go into a deep inner real potential and to be connected with it. The result is pure joy, bliss and gratitude. You are great!!!!!” – Teresa H. Actress | Coach | Mother

“Thank you again for these wonderful sessions with you. As always, you lead me into an incredible relaxation and let me experience my humanity specifically everything I fight, confront, edit. Your extraordinary way of transforming my challenges into positive experiences with the eyes of love is great and so healing. Everything feels so much easier in my life. Thank you Joya … you are the joy and an outstanding inspiration! You only exist once!” – Anja F., Photographer | Artist | Mother

“Joya is an absolute professional coach and has so much knowledge combined with a high sensitivity for each client that every coaching session is an absolute win. An appointment with her is like meeting your best friend who understands you and gives the very best advice and impulses. Light, carefree, funny and so beneficial. Then you can take life easy and cheerful again.”  – Petra M., Lawyer | Mother

“To go on this journey together with Joya is an incredibly powerful experience … solving, shattering, relieving, clarifying, … I’m so glad to have met this opportunity to meet myself, because I do not know how I could have dove into these layers by myself or any other way. This work is an enrichment for my whole life and has an impact on all areas! That’s really great. Thank you!” – Anna S., Marketing Expert

“Joya’s Intuitive Coaching makes the invisible visible, motivating, inspiring, understanding, supporting, making it shine, flow, grow, emerge. Through clarity, focus and action. And all in a wonderful protected inner and outer space. Thank you for this unique gift that is new and unique with every coaching session. Thank you for the feminine power, beauty, wisdom, passion and gentle as well as powerful strength, bright and dark sides, which you awaken and strengthen in us through your person and Intuitive Coachings.” – Ulrike M., Actress | Director | Painter


12 Week Program

  • 12 x 60 Minute Coaching Calls
  • Call Notes of the highlights of your session for your reference
  • Recordings of your Coaching Session (by request if desired)
  • Recordings of Meditations or Visualisations
  • 2 Emails/week with questions to keep you on track
  • Weekly Theme or Exercise
  • Access to worksheets and templates





6 Month Program

  • 4 x 60 Minute Coaching Calls for 6 months, Total 24
  • Call notes of the highlights of your session for your reference
  • Recordings of your Coaching Session (please request iif desired)
  • Recordings of Meditations or Visualisations
  • Access to Worksheets and Templates
  • 5 emails/week with questions to keep you on track
  • Detailed and Focused Instructions for each week
  • Creation of your own Vision Book of the Journey
  • Full access to resources, strategies, tools and techniques
  • Celebration 




I experienced a Dark Night of the Soul for many years. 9 spiritual Initiations I got to feel, heal, shift and transform. It felt like it took forever and I experienced moments when I did not want to live anymore. I started to have dreams of the mermaid. She would come at night and take me by the hand. First we would float on the surface, then she started to take me deeper each night. It was visceral and the sensations were very real.

Initially I was afraid to drown. I feared the dark depth of the ocean and would wake up gasping for air. She did not give up. Playfully with a joyous and compassionate smile, she returned. One night I dared to surrender and to trust her and myself. Deeper and deeper we dove and lo and behold I realized I could breathe under water. It became such fun as I swirled through the element water. Eventually we swam down to the deepest dark bottom where she revealed her secret.

The following morning I found myself sitting up in bed in humble awe. I suddenly got it. I had learned to dive deeply into my. own emotions and feelings without drowning in them. When I hit rock bottom and found my pearl, the core of my problem, I would naturally surface again. For kicks and giggles ~ later that week I found a mermaid chair in the middle of nowhere on a road. I was in a hurry for an appointment and could not stop. When I returned 5 hours later it was still waiting for me. As I got out of the car I noticed it was part of a garage sale. I only had $5 cash and no checks with me. When I shared my Mermaid story with the owner, she knew her chair had been waiting for me all day. This Mermaid Chair has been used in all my coaching programs and the Mermaid Magic Retreat, until my home burned and I had to let go of everything.