Beautiful One,  your “Transformed Life” is already waiting for you!


I support women as a gentle and experienced guide to remember your true power. I help you voice your vision, discover your purpose and create a successful and thriving life full of self-love, trust and self-confidence. YOUR AUTHENTIC LIFE!

Fear no change, loss or transition. No matter how difficult, traumatic, or impossible a situation may seem, no matter if you feel you will never get out of this or be happy again – YES YOU CAN.

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Joya P. Gallasch, is an expert transformational teacher, intuitive, entrepreneur and self-love ambassador.  As a mentor and retreat leader she has taught programs on purpose, transformation, and women’s empowerment in the US and Europe for more than 25 years.

Some of her life’s challenges included sexual abuse, miscarriages, divorce, a near-death experience and her home burned in a recent wildfire. 

Naturally a positive and joyful person, she knows so deeply how it feels to be completely lost without a compass. She realized wholeness only happens when she embraced her shadow. This allowed her to move from heartbreak to heart broken open to ‘heart wide open’.

Her own humbling healing journey to find her self-worth and true power, has inspired her to support other people to move from darkness, fear and not-knowing into joy, purpose and a truly fulfilled life. Her Method is called “Mermaid Magic: Feel to Heal | Shift to Uplift”.



Joya works with so much grace and a deep belief in the good, in what is possible. She understands so many women, their potential and also their pain and suffering – Joya’s compassion is powerful and beautiful. She embodies love and healing in everything she does. She walks her talk. She continuously helps me to grow and thrive. Thank you. – Manja D, Actress | Mother



  • Receive powerful Breakthrough Tools
  • Get Clarity & Vision for your next chapter
  • Discover & express your Message 
  • Market yourself truthfully with fun
  • Create a SoulCard for 2021

Goddess Awakening Within  

  • Claim your true Power
  • Stand up, Speak up – Find your Voice
  • Discover your Mission and Purpose
  • Activate your Feminine Qualities
  • Learn Embodiment Tools for Daily Life
  • Heal the Relationship with your Mother
  • Experience an ‘Initiation’ into your Goddess Energy


Selbstliebe LIVE | Zurich | November 7
Goddess 1 LIVE | Zurich | November 8


Self-Love US ONLINE | November 29




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