The Essence of the Feminine

This workshop is a “must do” – no matter what stage, chapter, or phase of life you are in. It is growth within yourself. Such loveliness, sacred sisterhood – sharing. You Joya hold such a wonderful space for us. You are so present. I absolutely love your guided meditations. It was life-changing for me. (Melinda C., massage therapist/mother)

This weekend is powerful, fun and an opportunity to really reconnect with the healing power and wisdom of female/sister energy. Joya’s effervescence and sparkle overflow, showering her participants with gifts and talents that gently and playfully nudge and encourage a journey of deep healing and self enquiry. Thank you! Thank you! for a beautiful, healing, inspiring and much needed GODDESS weekend! Keep up the good work! (Ariel C., photographer/activist)

A women’s gathering such as the Goddess weekend is essential for all women to give and receive love, understanding and wisdom. It has been a life saver for my heart and soul. (Vanessa H., acupuncturist/mother)

This workshop is very safe, fun, flowing and empowering. I came by myself and knew only Joya and left feeling like I had gained a powerful family of sisters. I saw myself in many forms. (Lisa A., explorer/healer)

This workshop was surprising, delightful and beautiful. I let go of obstacles that were preventing me from fully embracing myself.  A very gentle, flowing, non- threatening set of processes that guide us to our inner beauty. I feel lighter and more grounded in my feminine self. It was also a wonderful way to love and support and be supported by conscious thoughtful women. (Tracy MD, Designer/Artist)

Opening to deep tenderness and vulnerability in the safe and loving container of Petra’s excellent guidance. Thank you! Come to receive and be nurtured by divine feminine presence through each exercise. Deep, wonderfully healing and nurturing on many levels. I highly recommend all my sisters experiencing this lovely weekend! (Sequoia LJ, Founder of the Radiant Living Center)

The Goddess workshop held me in a conscious container that allowed me to dive into the depths of my soul.  Once there I found space, nurturing, and profound healing. I highly recommend this work to those who wish to explore and reflect their Goddess light. (Debra H.,writer/financial software consultant)

I have been involved in women’s work for over twenty years. I have learned from many wonderful and great teachers. I have also facilitated many women’s groups over the course of my career as a midwife (and mother). This past weekend that I spent in Joya’s Goddess workshop took it up to the level of the Goddess realm! Joya IS a fragrant expression of our most beautiful JOYOUS Goddess!! She creates a space held by beauty, and an unconditional level of acceptance where every woman can do nothing else but flourish as a simple and radiant expression of the Goddess herself. She truly is a gifted teacher. I can’t wait for more! (Iona R., midwife/healer)

I felt honored, supported, and seen. I am encouraged to be playful, vulnerable and to never forget my beauty and to respect my shadow. The workshop is beautiful, inspiring, healing – reinvention of sisterhood. (Sage L., Creative Consultant)


Sensuality, Wildeness, Self-Love

Divine. Deep. Touching. Releasing. Opening and everything with so much love. A wonderful journey into myself, into my femininity – with so many courageous, open women – who share their story (with me). So individual, so universal. Joya creates a magical space full of feeling safe, love, laughter, lightness, depth, power, stillness, closeness, beingness, sacredness, sensuality…and…and…and (Judith S., actress/writer)

“Divine!” (Teresa H., actress/coach)
Being a woman is..a miracle beyond words. And the present of my life.

Entering the safe circle of sisters, leaving behind masks and corsets, finding truth, purity, deep connection, endless love and light. Challenging, healing, releasing. So touching, so joyful, such an enrichment. (Claudia E., actress)

There is a difference between the ESSENCE OF YOUR FEMININE – this weekend goes into another level of finding yourself. The Initiation workshop was very powerful and clearing to me, it changed my life and also prepared me for the SENSUAL, WILDE GODDESS. (Melinda Shasta C., Massage Therapist/Mother/Healer)

…where the female soul gets to heal. For all women who wish to create space for their longing of feeling themselves deeply. Thank you for your loving support to help me encounter myself. (Gabrielle S., actress/coach)
Absolutely unbelievable! This work excelled everything I imagined it to be by far. (Sylvia S., actress/teacher)

Do it, do it, do it. A beauty farm for the soul with turbo anti-aging effects. (Carmen Hentschel, author/TV host/entrepreneuress)

If you would like to find out who you really are, this workshop is the way. It was fabulous and deeply healing, I have a hard time finding the words. I will always remember this safe and sacred space where all women laughed, danced, cried, felt and learned how to love ourselves. Thank you Joya. (Velia K., actress/singer)

Women awaken! There is so much to discover. This workshop is sacred space. I have so arrived in myself and discovered myself like never ever before. I feel totally welcomed. (Judith N., artist)

I am impressed by so much honesty, purity, openess and heart warmth. This workshop was intense, divine and full of tenderness for each other. (Julita Witt, radio host/actress)

Transition, Breakthrough, Change…this is a workshop that connects you with your feminine essences and archetypes. The work with Joya is such a gift. She guides each one of us and the entire group with great sensitivity, wisdom, radiance, heart openess and deep understanding through all these powerful processes connected with being a woman. What a pleasure, a thousandfold thank you. (Paula-Maria K., opera singer/actress)


High Priestess Retreat

HIGH PRIESTESS is a Retreat which connected me to the deepest level of my being and my aliveness. On top of that I laughed so much and would like to say that it is a firework on every level. Joya is such a loving, gentle and caring guidess. I recommend this retreat with all my heart. It makes you happy! You connect with the Essence of the Feminine and with so much joy. Yeah!!! I am sore from dancing and laughing! (Teresa H., Actress/Coach/Mother)

An intense personality coaching, that brings all, really all dormant or lost energies, abilities and dreams to the surface and makes them real again. I have experienced them and now I can live them again. Maybe some women don’t like the title of the retreat: it seems a little esoteric. Everything that was part of training was very concrete and practical! (Lucia G., Actress/Mother)

I experienced the retreat as a huge enrichment, it strengthened my work and my focus of ‘coming together’ with women. Joya’s ideas and all experiences thereof are amazing. Especially the idea to bring music and movement to these deep inner processes is fabulous. Only this way thoughts and changes manifest, I would have never thought that. Everybody experienced such release and relief, a true joy. (Petra M., Lawyer/Mother)

Thank you Joya. “I know again who I am.” Deeply astonished and grateful did I find back to all my power and wisdom in this WunderWeek that I wish for every woman. (Manja D., Mother)

Beauty heals. Days in magical surroundings. Guided with such love and wisdom by Joya. She created possibilities to connect with the best in me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (Gordana Heyen-Gueli, photographer/writer/artist)

This retreat is a firework of creative possibilties to come into connect with yourslef and the other participants. Everything that infuses life: respect for each other and nature, playing, dancing, empty space, space for deep experiences, being totally me – going inward, returning home. Thank you. My deepest gratitude and a big embrace, Joya. You rock! (Sabine B., Editor)

It was fabulous and I am very grateful that I overcame all resistances who wanted to stop me. The HIGH PRIESTESS is a journey into your true Self and a bringing to light your hidden potentials. It is a letting go of fears, of my own prisons. You grow beyond into unexpected greatness and beauty. THANK YOU!
(Velia Krause, Singer)

It is hard to describe with words how Joya’s workshop and retreat content resonates in me. When I start with it, so many words flow through me and yet they can only mirror a part of this fascinating journey.

The experience of this empowering, energizing, full of realisations, touching, freeing, expansive and fun producing, wonderful retreat is a huge gift, a deep joy. And Centro D’Ompio and surroundings intensify all experiences. Beyond Words Week! 1000 and 1 Thank you and more 🙂

I had such strong visions this week. I discovered so much for myself. Re-discovered. Seen. Realized…I love the meditations, the inner journeys, the sharing and the mirroring. Every time such incredible women gather. It always fascinating how ‘one’/united we are – despite our difference – in our love, joy, fears. How connected we are. The workshops with Joya are enormously expansive, fulfilling, full of wonders. And all of this spills over into normal life. I deeply know that without these experiences I would be somewhere else in my life. Pushes of creativity. Inspiration. Fun. Loving. Connection. Consciousness, different Awareness, taking every day life easy. Healing. Power. Clarity and and and…my learnings in these workshops affect every aspect of my life.

I recommend to start with THE ESSENCE OF THE FEMININE – Level 1, then MERMAID, then Softness, Sensuality. Step by Step this process could deepen and take me further into myself and this way I could truly enjoy the whole week of the High Priestess fully. (Manja D., Actress/Mother, 2.time)


You are Brilliant Workshop

This was a very special journey for me. I found Self Empowerment for me to live a life that is truly mine. This workshop is an adventure for find ourselves. I enjoyed every minute! (Kornelia S., retired)

Joya has the most wonderful gift for creating a special personalized experience for each of us that clears pathways, clarifies and builds intention and gathers support for our cherished dreams and visions. In just a few days, the world is already moving with me fantastically! (Tom A.,lawyer)

It’s amazing how much love, companionship, trust, and transformation can be packed into a single day.  Joya creates a beautiful and powerful space for deep inner work, all the while helping to build a bridge that allows for positive change in the every-day world. I’m exicted to see how my life blossoms as a result of recognizing and affirming my brilliance. (Debra H., financial software consultant)

YOU ARE BRILLIANT – can you allow this in? Encounter Yourself, Joya leads with respect…A day full of self-exploration, of joy, a feast of humanness, a day full of light! A blessing – during times like this. Joya, thank you for your light, for your radiance, for your love of humanity, for your caring and kind guidance…you helped me to start the journey…heartfelt thank you. (Ivanka B., artist)

This one day workshop was amazing! It helped me with organization, connection with others (especially women!) and a deeper connection with myself. I recommend it to any and all who are on the path of personal growth and self-empowerment. The workshop really is a guided “Vision Quest”. And Joya is an excellent guide! It gave me a chance to see and express my own vision as to how my life unfolds from this point forward. It helps participants leave behind old, outgrown thinking and feeling patterns, making room for more powerful ways to be and express oneself in the world.The exercise where I faced, acknowledged and overcame a deep fear is something I will never forget. I saw new ways of being that will remain with me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Joya. (Patrick D., Pilot)

The experience the other day still resonates deeply with me as I am using artifacts from the process to keep unfolding, unwinding, rooting and off shooting my continuous process of opening, being, doing, and loving more.  Thank you! (Lisa K., teacher/artist/mother)

This Vision Workshop is about ‘opening up to clarity, focus and action. Great, thank you – I enjoyed the intimacy. (Hani H.,entrepreneur)

A life changing experience! I finally had the courage to believe in ME and clearly see my talents and bring them into the world… (Bettina S., artist)

YOU ARE BRILLIANT was a day of exposing what is really within us and giving us tools for even deeper access to our Full Potential. (Sequoia L.J., radiant health coach)

I just looked at the notes I took during Joya’s “You Are Brilliant” playshop. In a few short hours, her fun-to-do exercises cut past the continuous inner chatter and helped me clarify and map my right path. It was a most enjoyable and surprisingly helpful day! (Ray T., music producer)

Thank you for midwifing a huge dream that HAS to be born and realized! “YOU ARE BRILLIANT is a deep touchstone for remembering and re-igniting my sense of purpose. (Cosmos, musician)

This workshop is an exploration into the Real You. What a Joya!! I’ve been mentally stripped naked to reveal the original me, the one before years of hiding, years of concealment. I feel like a dirty dish sponge that has been cleaned up and rung out ready to fulfill my purpose again. (Matt C., financial consultant)

I am grateful for Joya’s beautiful guidance and her JOY-full presence in this ‘work-shop’ of playfully remembering ‘Who we are’ and ‘Why we are here’. I enjoyed the deep intimacy and the safe space that she created amongst all the participants. Her presence makes it easy to open up and the exercises are a fun, playful and continue to deepen way beyond the actual workshop. I highly recommend this ‘PLAY-shop’ and Joya’s coaching for everyone who is serious about manifesting a purposeful, creative and fulfilling life now. (Marcus J.)

Thank you for offering these practical tools to help me birth and manifest my visions! This is the way I always wanted to live my life!… (Ulrike M., actress/painter.)

Everybody needs help and support. Joya offers such a healing and loving space for growth. Her inspiration is so uplifting. Thank you…(Roman R., artist)

A wonderful, intuitive, warming day. Every day could be like this if we learned this…(Patricia H., artist)

Thank you Petra! For anchoring my visions and my brilliance deeply into my bones! (Birgit T., actress/painter)

It was beautiful to journey with Joya Petra in YAB. The workshop supports to see your strength, weaknesses and shadow, to accept them, to share them with others, it also sends ones wishes and visions on a journey. (Ralph S)

My neediness is gone, peace is in my heart. YAB is from the heart – helps to collect ones energy – loving. Petra rocks. (Anna D., performance coach)

With caring ways my dream became a vision and the vision was birthed into life. Welcomed with love, through the portal of gratitude, we entered our land of wonders where our future powerfully grows roots, branches, leaves and flowers. A heartfelt thank you to Petra, who guided us lovingly, with competence and safety. I felt inspired to try out new steps with great imagination. A big thank you to the kind and honest group that created such a magic space. (Dr.Sabine F., MD/Gestalt Therapist)

I accept, how and who I am and I am happy about my growth with an open, laughing heart, I enjoy every moment, see the world and choose to be visible. Thank you Petra, for your guidance. Begleitung :)! Lucie L.(actress/screen-writer/mother)

It was wonderful and exactly what I needed, what I longed for! To leave behind all the stuff and to take care of oneself and my qualities. Show up and allow to be surprised. Petra is a great facilitator. The change ones perception of things is always as simple as it is difficult. Thank you! (Markus E., Artist/Coach)

Brilliant and so much more! A day for you, full of possibilities and wonderful enery! Thank you. Sonja W. (artist/mother)

This is a day full of magic that allows you to connect with your greatest treasures of your beingness, to acknowledge them, to accept them and to transform them. You will never feel shame for your greatness and brilliance. Wonderful magical forces inside of you are awakened and sent on a journey into your life. Joya Petra is AMAZING…(Gordana HG, actress/shamaness)

Stop kicking yourself in the bud and change something about your life! The workshop works a lot with that dynamic. Experience the fullness of a filled day! Give yourself this present! Petra is a good space-holder and she is able to focus on processes of each individual while being connected to and aware of the group. (Johannes B, Gestalttherapeut)