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Fresh Start • A Vision Workshop

01/19/2020 @ 19:00 - 01/20/2020 @ 19:00

Private Coaching  Filled With Tools and Techniques


Find Focus And Clarity. Discover What Is Holding You Back.

Create Precise Action Steps. Unleash Your Potential.


"Only the possibility to realize a Dream, makes Life meaningful" 
- The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

A vision without a plan is just a dream. 
A plan without a vision is just drudgery. 
But a vision with a plan can change the world. 
-Ryan Eliason 

This workshop is about clarity, focus, structure, direction and practical action steps.You feel into your ideas and visions. You allow yourself to hold space for a new or a new ‘old’ longing or desire. You are 100% authentic. Your intuitive voice is invited to be louder than all the ‘should, must, have, could’ voices in your head. You discover where you are holding back and why. We also work on aligning your inner ‘treasures’ with your outer appearance. You are the power, the imagination, the possibility. No more compromises! Bonus: This weekend is filled with depth, fun, magic, playfulness and laughter. 

Let go of any stress that the end of the year and the fast arrival of January can often create. You are in charge and decide what the date for your ‘Fresh Start’ will be! Congratulate yourself for showing up!


Do you need support with the following questions:

  • What is holding you back to follow a longing, a dream, that you have had for a long time?
  • What expression lays dormant in me and wishes to have a voice?
  • What wants to be birthed this year based on all my experiences and who I am today?
  • How can I find clarity, focus and the courage to be true to myself?
  • How can I break through old patterns that keep me small?
  • Where can I get positive support in my professional and personal life?
  • How can I believe in my big vision and manifest it?

If you feel you need support with any or many of the above questions, we are happy to invite to join our Fresh Start – Vision Workshop. If there are new or other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • Create a precise DIRECTION for your career and life
  • Learn how to use 2017 as your FOUNDATION for the new vision
  • Gain CLARITY and Focus with the help of the group
  • Discover 7 VALUES and what is truly important to you
  • Integrate the FEAR RELEASE Technique to overcome fear or doubt
  • RELEASE the Saboteur that wishes to keep you small
  • Open up to a fun BE ACCOUNTABLE Principle
  • connect to your Gifts and share your Genius
  • Establish a self-confident relationship with SUCCESS
  • Map out a detailed ACTION PLAN for your vision
  • Create your SOULCARD for 2018


FRESH START – Vision Workshop is a YES! To life and so rich. Body, Mind and Soul are part of the creation process. What makes this a truly unique experience is the ‘together’, the group is a huge gift. My challenge was clarity and courage. The workshop helped me work my visions, the discover the “true” essence of what I wish for and what I’d like to create. The bubble becomes a wish, a wish turns into a vision, to create goals out of my visions. I learned to give myself space to unfold. To get to know (re-discover) my timing. I connected to my inner voices. Yes, I recommend this program. – Judith Hoersch, actress/singer/writer

This Workshop full of magical miracles. My challenge was to be open towards my fellow participants and to allow to receive what happens. This weekend helped me to drop into all exercises and to receive all results like a gift. I learned, how openess and opening towards my team generated experiences that I would not have found by myself. I unconditionally recommend this training anytime. – Wolfgang Grindemann, actor/poet/photographer

This workshop is time that you gift yourself. You will be gifted with so much clarity, inspiration and light….I received solutions that I did not know existed. It helped me precisely to get clear and precise. Literally. By expressing, I discovered who I am. From this place everything will fall into place: visions, values and ways. I learned to trust my light, my beingness. To be of value. For myself. And others. I already started to recommend this weekend. Definitely. Thank you for everything, Joya. – Nina-Friederike Gnädig, actress

This workshop is an inner journey that guided me back to my source and reconnected me completely with my heart and its strength. My problem was to control the inner critic and doubter and to re-discover my power and love. The content supported me to feel more free, to let go of fear, to express myself and to respect, love and value myself more again. This weekend taught me to really share my love and my gift to ‘see’ and appreciate people, to feel more connected myself. I definitely recommend this workshop. Joya’s loving, caring and yet clear presence creates a group dynamic group that is like a safe place to relax and to open up. Afterwards you feel lighter, free and full of love. – Matt Fuchs, artist/photographer

FRESH START Vision Workshop is a gift for yourself, for myself. The problem I faced was to get to the essence, to the point. The training supported me by calling in clarity I found clarity with all the different steps. Clarity for my specific vision. And in the process I discovered more visions and clarity. I know now that I hold the ways to manifest and create in me. I am a pool of abundance and gifts. –Manja Fiona Döring, Actress/Mother

This Workshop is illumanating and therefore freeing. My challenge was tension on the mental and physical level, tightness and holding on. The training helped me to realize that I need more stillness and solitude to find my softness. I learned I am enough. I don’t have to do more! Joya’s workshops are always fantastic and full of heart! I highly recommend her workshops. Again and again! – Velia Krause, actress/singer/mother

This Workshop is a gift and for everyone who wishes to live and unfold your highest potential. It is also for those who want more from life and are courageous enough to manifest their visions. I MYSELF was the challenge! My thoughts, feelings and negative voices in me. The workshop supported me to connect with my vision – to be in the flow – to trust the process. Everything here is allowed to be the way it is. I learned to let go of fears, and to trust myself and my intuition and to live my true greatness. I recommend this programm, always and everywhere! – Bianca Adami, Visionnaire


Create – Collaborate – Co-create

I believe we came to this beautiful planet to unfold our potential. When we forget our dreams, lack clarity or don’t dare to follow a new vision, we often feel unhappy and unfulfilled. In this gathering we hold space for each other because we know that ‘together’ is stronger than creating alone and isolated. We also become co-creators of a grander vision locally and globally.


Practical Information:



You can choose the times/dates that work for you. This is a 20+ hour program 1-1 Coaching. Please contact us for group workshops. You can also bring together a group of people and book Joya for this program. It can be taught in English or German.


101 Coaching via skype/zoom/telephone


please contact us for a free 30-strategy Session.


01/19/2020 @ 19:00
01/20/2020 @ 19:00
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