Sensuality & Sexuality , Women Uplift 3

Healing Power of Self-Love. Embrace Your Sensuality. Express your Sexuality. Embody 4 feminine archetypes.   Magnificent you - open up to all your sensuality, feel your softness and strength, allow your wildness to fully unfold, immerse yourself deeply in your self-love, and claim your voice. Embody the energies and qualities of four powerful feminine archetypes […]

The Essence of the Feminine, Women Uplift 1

Praxis Christine Banzer Ahornstrasse 1, oberster Stock, Siegertsbrunn-Höhenkirchen

 Embody the Essence of the Feminine. Make Peace with your Mother. Return to Self-Love. An Initiation into the Goddess.18./19.APRIL 2020 IN MUNICHJoin us for an exhilarating weekend of Healing, Empowerment and Celebration as you explore the mystery of the feminine and go beyond personal wounds, trauma and limitations. In the sacred circle of women, you remember the essence […]

Mermaid Magic: Claim Your Power, Women Uplift 2

Find Your Voice. Father-Daughter Healing. Feel All. Express your Truth. Live your Magic.   The Essence of the Mermaid Archetype offers connecting to our inner depth, the courage to feel all emotions deeply, to embody your beauty and believe in true love. She reminds you to find your voice and speak your truth, passionately. She also helps to […]

Die Essenz der Weiblichkeit – Retreat, Women Uplift 1

 Deine weibliche Essenz ist pure Power. Embody all of it!  Komm in Deine Kraft. Lerne Selbstliebe Tools. Heile Deine Beziehung zu Deiner Mutter. Empfange eine Einweihung in Deine Goddess Energie. Women Empowerment Retreat | Februar 2021 in Schondorf bei München Ich liebe es, Frauen darin zu unterstützen, in Ihre wahre Kraft zu kommen. Ich glaube, wir alle […]

High Priestess Retreat

She is the embodiment of the divine spark of life. She is all-knowing and all-wise. So are you!   Join us for a magical 7-Day Retreat in the Mountains of Lago d’Orta in Italy, nestled into a mystical forest, a hidden paradise where you get to drop deeply in and just BE and be celebrated. […]