Beautiful One,


I invite you to experience and receive a LaHo-Chi Healing Session with me. It has truly changed my life. The gentle and magical work has lifted a very dark karmic piece that had haunted me for decades of my life. Yes, it took several sessions and a willingness to believe in its power. Today I feel light, clear, inspired and uplifted again, after so many years of feeling heavy and depressed.

I chose this image because it reflects how I feel during and after LaHo-Chi Sessions. I feel held, protected, light and happy. I experience a sense of floating and flowing with life. I trust in myself and in life.


is a spiritual energetic laying-on-of-hands & remote healing energy.

LaHo-Chi activates a multi-dimensional self-healing process by accessing the subtle energetic pathways of the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual energies of the body. It awakens, enhances and expands multi-levels of innate healing abilities through a highly experiential blend of energy healing.

Both the giver and client may receive higher awareness, visions, knowing, guidance and transmissions directly. You, the receiver may feel a powerful energetic connection with your source, divine light, love, wisdom, grace of your Higher Self and the Angelic and Ascended Masters realms. Do not worry if you don’t feel or see anything during the session.

During your LaHo-Chi Session, the healer/facilitator serves as an unconditionally loving and powerful energetic conduit for the universal life-force energy.

LaHo-Chi Sessions offer…


    • personal transformation
    • self-healing on the deepest level
    • healing support after surgery
    • healing support during crisis or life transitions
    • clearing & transforming the cause of an issue
    • transforming karmic challenges
    • returning to calmness and peace 
    • feeling centered, grounded and empowered again
    • multi-dimensional light body activation
    • awakening higher spiritual consciousness
    • accelerating awareness of your spiritual path and purpose

How to work with me

There are 2 ways to work with me…

-book a REMOTE healing session

You are at your home or traveling for business or pleasure. Here is how it works: we set up a time, I will call you for you to share your intention and light a candle. I will share a visualization to start your session (and get off the phone). Then you receive about 60-75 minutes of remote healing. I will then record what I saw in each hand position and send a voice recording to you. Then I will call you again to find out how are you. And if you wanted to share anything about the session.

-book a LIVE session and come to my Healing Sanctuary

You will come to my Healing Sanctuary outside of Munich. You set your intention and light your candle in person. Then you get to lie down on my table and we start the 60-75 minute healing session. As you get to rest some more, I will record what I saw in another room. Eventually I return to the room and ask you a few questions.

Right now the healing session is a gift to you. It’s free. 

Click the link to set up a time and date with me.

In great appreciation and love, Joya


Liebe Joya, danke für die Hingabe an mich und mein Wohlsein! Ich konnte tief entspannen. Über die Tage danach hat sich ein klares Gefühl eingestellt, dass ich für mich sorgen möchte. Genauso wie ich für meine Kinder sorgen möchte. Und dass ich etwas in der Welt aus der Balance bringe, wenn meine Energie aus der Balance ist. Und ich liebe Balance. Da zieht es mich hin. – Sascha Z. (Juristin/Mutter)



Während der Session bin ich absolut in einen meditativen Zustand gefallen – ich hab mich schon so lange nicht mehr so leicht und schwerelos gefühlt und richtig gespürt wie der Druck und die schwere an den einzelnen Punkten die du behandelt hast sich erst verstärkt und dann komplett gelöst haben. Ich war absolut endspannt und hatte das gefühlt das sich mein Herz und meine Brust öffnen und wieder mehr Platz haben. Die letzten Tage haben mich meine Gefühle sehr stark begleitet und ich habe alles intensiver gefühlt wie sonst. – Leonie W. (Fotografin)