How to Empower Yourself in the Face of Crisis




The world can be a hard, demanding, loud, and overwhelming place. Would you agree? It is so easy to experience stress, frustration, and exhaustion. On top of that you might be hard on yourself, feeling critical, self-doubting and not enough. Ouch!

Please join me for this life-changing, interactive, 3-hour workshop. It is my honor to invite you into sacred time and space filled with magic. Find out why Self Love is so incredibly important to discover, embody and express your authentic purpose. Discover how to stop the negative spiral of being hard on yourself and feeling not enough. Find your own light within and share your unique gifts with this world.

This workshop offers simple, fun and practical tools to connect to your own source and fill yourself up. You will experience a sense of community and deep connection to yourself and other participants. You get to access your delicious ‘essence’, recharge your body, experience clarity for your purpose, and feel empowered in life and career. I can’t wait to meet you!

What I love about working with Joya is that so much transformation happens with such enjoyable lightness. – Anna D.

To work with Joya means to go into a deep inner real potential and to be connected with it. – Teresa H.



  • wish to master the practice of self-love
  • want more joy and happiness in your life
  • long to know your authentic purpose
  • are sometimes hard on yourself
  • feel depleted or low energy
  • experience self-doubt or fear
  • feel disconnected from source
  • feel scattered and all over the place
  • feel overwhelmed often




  • deepen your self love
  • relax into gentleness
  • restore your body
  • connect to your essence
  • express authentic self-confidence
  • feel a new sense of purpose
  • access intuition through softness
  • return to playfulness and magic
  • experience joy as your natural state

5 Empowering Keys for Self Love


When you see another sister and recognize the uniqueness and power of her who is your mirror, you see yourself more clearly.


When you repress a negative feeling, it blocks the flow of love. Your emotions guide you naturally to what is going on within you. 



Your body is your temple. Being in your body and feeling grounded, is an essential key to being present.


Proper conscious breathing quiets the mind, balances the body, offers strength and is a powerful form of loving yourself. 


Engaging your creativity is a powerful way to connect with your heart and to celebrate the divine feminine within you.


I experience so much joy and trust in this sacred space that you create for us women. It is a time to empower growth. Manja D. 

This is a gentle healing experience that every woman should honor themselves by experiencing. – Soulux

Practical Information

This 3-hour Workshop will be held in German. English-speaking participants are also welcome.


Munich – February 20 – 11.00-14.00 Uhr – PRIVATE HOME – Address shared after application – women

Zurich – March 14 – 19.00-22.00 Uhr – LILA YOGA STUDIO, Feldstrasse 14, Urdorf – Zurich – women

Lakeport, CA – May 2020 – 11-2pm – PILATES STUDIO SHANNON KING – women

Los Angeles, CA – May 2020 – 11-2pm – HEALING ART CENTER Altadena – women

Freiburg – July 13 – 13.00-16.00 Uhr – IM HAUSGRÜN 27, 79312 Emmendingen/Freiburg – for women&men

Cologne – July 20 – 14.00-17.00 Uhr – SANTOSHA YOGA, Brüsseler Str. 21 Vorderhaus, 50674 Köln – women

Munich –  July 27 – 14.00-17.00 – YOGA GARDEN, Rumfordstrasse 4, 80469 München – for women&men

Berlin –  August 24 – 11.00-14.00 Uhr – INSTITUT für BEZIEHUNGSDYNAMIK, Kolonnenstraße 29, 10829 Berlin,

Hamburg –  August 28 – 19.00-22.00 Uhr – PRAXIS DIE SINNSTIFTUNG, Erik-Blumenfeld-Platz 1, 22587 Hamburg


Workshop Price:  € 45 

Cancellation Policy:  If you need to cancel for any reason, we retain 10 € as an administrative fee. 
There will be no refunds starting 6 days before the retreat. Please read and print out our AGB below.

Registration & information:  Please use the online registration form below. If you have not received an email after submitting your online application, please check your spam folder. If you can’t find it there, please contact us. Thank you!

Questions: Women Uplift, e-Mail:

Joya's Biography

Joya P. Gallasch, is an expert transformational teacher, intuitive, visionary entrepreneur and self-love ambassador.  As a mentor and retreat leader she has taught programs on purpose, transformation and artists/women’s empowerment in the US and Europe for more than 25 years.

Her story of facing 17 years of a Dark Night of the Soul which also included sexual abuse, loss of her home in a wildfire, and a near-death experience, is touching. Her own inner healing journey to find her self-worth and true power through self-love has inspired her to share it with other women.

She supports women to reframe and transform their relationship with adversity, trauma and challenges keeping them from experiencing holistic success and creating fulfilled lives. She empowers them to blossom into their uniqueness by embodying self-love and softness. She guides them gently to find their voice, vision and visibility.

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