The Importance Of Feeling All

When we allow ourselves to feel, we connect to what is. When we have the courage to unite with feelings and emotions that are difficult and dark and truly feel them fully, they start to dissolve or transform in the presence of our being-ness.

They become like a voice that wishes to be heard, a person that needs to be seen, like a little child that wants to be held and be safe.

So many people do not know how to connect to their feelings, it gets all stuffed and expresses itself easily in different forms of violence. Every form of negativity has the potential to pollute our world. So when we can’t feel, we disconnect. In this place of disconnection – people, countries, nations legitimize hurting people, exploiting nature, creating havoc on our planet.

I thought I did know how to be emotional. A lifetime ago I studied anything and everything about acting and how to drop into different emotions. I realized that I had no access to my darker emotions. I had to learn it. And I continue to practice it.

Women are blessed with the gift of emotions. We easily feel so much. Every man has experienced that one way or other in his life, right?

This gift makes us vulnerable, open and receptive. And yes, sometimes that makes us feel unsafe, so we keep the lid on.

I invite everybody and especially all Sisters to join me in feeling deeply. We will become an inspiration for others, especially men. It supports us to live real, authentic and fulfilled lives.




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