has come to me specifically when I moved into nature. A week after I moved into the Forest in 2010, I found myself traveling on a remote country road and suddenly passed a lonely MERMAID CHAIR standing on the side.
I laughed. And shook my head. Then told myself, if the chair was still there when I returned, it would be mine.
Hours later on my return I had forgotten the prior thought. I passed it again, and as if somebody magically turned my head to my rear mirror, I saw the chair. I backed up, stopped the car, stepped out and saw that the chair was part of a garage sale further down at a home that laid hidden behind trees.
Of course I did not have enough cash on me and convinced the women selling it, to trust that I would send a check. I handed them my $9.50 and sent the check upon my return.
At home, the chair landed in the only room I had painted – mermaid green. My sweet bathroom. It would later also become an important tool during my MERMAID MAGIC WORKSHOP.
Yet more importantly – this was when MERMAID in all her glory, beauty, qualities and powers energetically showed herself to me. She became my teacher and shared all she KNOWS with me.
I was going through a challenging time of TRANSITION and EXPANSION that others call separation and divorce and she would teach me how to become a DEEP DIVER, how to DIVE INTO ANY EMOTION and FEEL THEM ALL FULLY. She always held my hand, so I never had to fear to get lost or DROWN in my own sorrow, sadness and grief.
So today, as a LOVER of lakes, creeks, brooks, rivers and the ocean – I shower them with all my LOVE. She also taught me how to become ONE with the waters. As I swim, it feels like they hold me. When I turn on my back, I become like a feather that floats. Like a Mermaid.


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